Portrait of Pet Dog - Golden Retriever, Honey

04 Jun Pet Portrait – Golden Retriever Dog, Honey

[caption id="attachment_17329" align="alignleft" width="400"] Pet Portrait of Golden Retriever Dog, Honey[/caption] Portrait of pet dog, Honey, a beautiful Golden Retriever. Dogs make such wonderful pet portrait subjects, their expressive eyes reveal gentle souls, playful characters and caring companionship. They seem to communicate and speak volumes without uttering a...

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Fawn - Cow Portrait

26 Dec Cow Portrait – Fawn

A pet portrait with a difference. Favourite heifer Fawn was a surprise Christmas portrait commission and my first foray into cows and cattle, but such fun to draw and I suspect I'll be revisiting this theme in the coming months. Fawn is a red and white Simmental....

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