Commissioning Your Pet Portrait

First things firstget in touch so that we can discuss your pet portrait requirements. Include any special requests or styling preferences you may have and let me know if you have a deadline in mind such as Christmas, a birthday or special anniversary.

Please send photographs to me by email or Dropbox after reading carefully through my Photo Guide.

This is the most important step in your commissioning your portrait and it can be one of the hardest parts to get right.
The photo we select to produce your portrait from will be my main reference photo. The level of detail in your finished portrait will be a direct reflection of the quality of your chosen photograph. Think of your portrait in terms of being an enlargement of your original photo, when it’s close-up and physically bigger, more of the fine detail can be seen… things like nose texture, coat direction, individual whiskers or hairs, eye-colour and catchlight, tongue and lip folds should, ideally, all be clear when I zoom in on your photos.

Poorly lit or very low resolution images will reduce my ability to achieve a realistic, characterful portrayal of your dog, cat or horse.

Of course there are occasions where the only photograph available is a hard copy and in these instances I will always endeavour to capture the personality of your beloved pet from whatever images are available.

Once we have chosen a reference photo, discussed and agreed prices, timescales and your pet portrait preferences I will provide you with a written quotation, an estimated completion date ask you for a 50% deposit to secure and schedule in your booking.

When work on your portrait begins I will keep you updated on my progress either by email or Facebook Messenger.

Upon completion of your portrait, when you have confirmed that you are happy with it, I will ask for the remaining balance plus the agreed postage charge.

Portraits will be shipped, delivered or available for collection once paid for in full.

Unless otherwise agreed drawn portraits will be supplied unmounted. If you would prefer your portrait to be supplied with a mount and backing board please let me know when making your initial enquiry so that any additional costs can be included in your original quotation.

Pencil portraits are sealed within a protective plastic sleeve to prevent against smudging and finger prints and should be kept wrapped until framed.

Get in touch to discuss commissioning your own pet portrait