Portrait of Boxer Dog – Jack

Pet Portrait of Boxer Dog JackBoxer dog Jack is fondly remembered and greatly missed. This handsome Boxer boy sadly lost his battle with cancer at a very young age.

Earlier this year I offered a pet portrait, to be drawn or painted from photos, as a prize in a charity auction held by Zoe’s Journey UK on behalf of Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, funding canine cancer research.

Jack’s mum placed the winning bid and commissioned this portrait in his memory.

The photo chosen as a reference for this portrait captures his velvet soft muzzle and soulful eyes wonderfully.

This Boxer dog portrait was created on pale blue Pastemat, combining both drawing and painting techniques. I used watercolour pencils for the  initial sketch and laying down of the foundation pigment. This was then blended with a wet paint brush and allowed to dry before I began building up the many layers of colour required to produce his beautiful brindle coat and soft dark mask using oil based pencils.